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No good

I was excited about this until I got it. Every time I try to start a challenge I start getting low memory popups one after another. I have other more graphically intense games that dont do this. Had to delete. Money wasted.

Hey read this

Not a very good game, poor graphics, and is just like any other triple triad game. Only difference? The other games are better. Save your dollar. Buy a decent app

Fun game

I like the idea of making custom cards. Lost mine to the AI while I was practicing and cant make anymore. That kind of blows, but the game is fun. Looking forward to playing with real people in the future. I see a lot of potential here.

Buggy, not really as advertised.

Do u support this game anymore? How do i get NEW CARDS? I keep winning the same cards. Deck editor: whats the point of the cards in the left side slots? There are other cards scattered on the right of these... I have to drag and organize them everytime i go into that screen. Change the game so the layout is remembered and not scattered everytime you go into that screen. Add a sort option or something that organizes the cards automatically. Sometimes the time appears across the top, pushing the game graphics off the lower screen. Lame. Please fix that. And why can i only make 1 special card at a time? Pretty lame when the game description states you can make special CARDS (plural). Duped me into buying this. Good idea but this game has issues. But like most other apps, this one is full of bugs. And you charge $ for this. Lame. Btw; the rules are explained horribly. Rewrite them.

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